Rebuild ABI

Rebuild ABI Residential Infill Development Program

A program of the City of Abilene, the purpose of this program is to promote and encourage the construction and renovation of quality, affordable single-family housing in areas designated by the City of Abilene as eligible for the program. 

To accomplish this mission, the City has created several incentives and partnered with local financial institutions to create an environment where a public-private partnership can succeed in a space the City has historically enjoyed limited success.

To be eligible to participate in the new construction category of Rebuild ABI, an individual must meet the following criteria: 

  • (1) be a member of the Big Country Home Builder’s Association; and 

  • (2) construct an affordable single-family home in target areas designated by the City of Abilene, or as otherwise approved by the City of Abilene; and 

  • (3) purchase all building materials from a business located within the corporate boundaries of the City of Abilene; and 

  • (4) all new construction must meet all applicable building codes and residential energy efficiency standards as determined by the building official; and 

  • (5) the final buyer of the new home must sign an affidavit that they intend to occupy the home as their own homestead for purposes of ad valorem taxation, and the selling price of the new home must be equal to or less than two hundred three thousand dollars ($203,000.00) and no cents.

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