Driving with Data

Nov 2023
Doug Peters, President & CEO at the Abilene Chamber of Commerce

Who remembers the days of taking a road trip without the benefit of electronic GPS?

Whether a handy paper TripTik, a road atlas, one of the fold out maps as big as your windshield (we still produce those!) or just turn by turn directions scribbled down on the back of an envelope, we’ve certainly come a long way in navigating life.

Traveling by road today is easy by comparison.

But do you know that your Chamber and its operating divisions can have a similar impact on how you navigate your business?

It’s true. It’s easy. And it’s all accessible to you.

Running a business is hard enough. My dad used to say that “if it weren’t for employees and customers, business would be great.” I get that. And I bet you do too.

The Chamber is a member-driven association of businesses that today is more comprehensive and sophisticated than ever before. And each small step we take is pursued with the input of your peers who serve – as board, committee, or task force members.

It’s no secret that we do our share of R&D – known in the Chamber industry as “Rip off & Duplicate.” We comb our network of chambers across the nation for those who have already paid the tuition to learn what we need to know.

And we rely on the nearly 200 years of combined professional experience among our team to ensure the cupboards aren’t bare when business comes knocking.

Whether within our family of websites, among our data collection subscription services, or simply “knowing people,” when it comes to information you can trust, your Chamber should always be your first stop. Think back on the pandemic (wince). Your Chamber served as a convener of resources, a trove of resources to help you make informed decisions about your business. It’s in our DNA.

And get this – we love helping.

In the coming months, our Abilene Regional Growth Alliance (formerly known as the Abilene Industrial Foundation) will launch a new, state of the art resource portal. Within this website will be everything you likely need to make informed decisions for your business. It will be the mother-of-all resource sites, providing not only information, but access to every resource you might need to bolster a better bottom line.

Add to that our Abilene Downtown Initiative site that serves as the backbone of our downtown revitalization partnership with available properties, things that are happening in the heart of our city, interactive maps, and more.

And don’t forget our Cultural Affairs Council or our Convention & Visitors Bureau. They, too, offer boatloads of information to help make your life in our great region even more enjoyable.

Need demographic data? Information about potential customers? How about employee or industry data? If we don’t have it, I bet you a donut we know where to find it.

Reliable data can improve business efficiency and productivity, and when utilized appropriately, your small business can benefit from the competitive advantage and personalized customer experiences.

Plus – we have a stable of resource partners who love to help, and those relationships are important to us.

Reach out anytime to the one organization that many consider their local business concierge and ombudsman.

We’re here. And we’re happy to help!